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Novation Launchpad Pro

The Professional Grid Instrument

Launchpad Pro is the simplest and best way to create dynamic, expressive performances in Ableton Live, or any music software. The iconic Launchpad a total overhaul. Enhanced with RGB LED feedback, and velocity and pressure-sensitive pads, Launchpad Pro brings limitless expression and creativity to your music. Launchpad Pro is an instrument designed for live performance. The new RGB pads light up to match the colour of your clips in Ableton Live's session view, so you can see at a glance which clips are playing. The familiar 64 colour coordinated backlit pads have now been updated for more intense and obvious lighting, perfect for visual feedback. Firing of clips, drum samples and effects can be made in an intuitive and tactile manner with an improved refresh rate making the hardware seem even more responsive as a controller and instrument.


  • 64 RGB backlit velocity and pressure sensitive button grid
  • 32 RGB backlit round mode buttons
  • One setup button
  • Front LED strip
  • Orange rubber base mat
  • High retention USB connector
  • Two MIDI sockets (3.5mm jack sockets with MIDI din break-out cables)
  • Power supply connector
  • Power switch
  • Kensington Security Slot
  • Integration with Ableton Live (Ableton Live Lite 9 is included)
  • Compatible with various DAWS including Fruityloops
  • Instant view on what's loaded, what's playing, and what's being recorded in Ableton
  • Intuitive control over all elements of the creative process
  • Weight: 1.3Kg
  • Launchpad Pro

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